Vision building workshops

A vision is a deeply held picture of where a person or group wants to get to in the future. When everyone in a group thoroughly understands and shares the same vision they become intensely motivated. They will apply their whole selves to achieve their vision.

Why build a vision at work?

A common vision in a company releases energy for co-operation towards the achievement of a common goal. This will help the organisation achieve its goals of performance, service and profitability. People often identify more closely with their local unit than the wider organisation. They can have a local vision that supports the organisation's vision and that the latter supports.

How to build a common vision?

Our experience so far has been that people do share a common vision of how they would like life and work to be. They find it quite hard to share their thoughts and feelings at this deep level. When sufficient trust is in place they find out that they want the same things. Mistrust and painful history can make building the required trust a slow and delicate process. It helps to do lots of listening and to avoid blaming anyone. Allow people to express what they feel and be heard then they will be more positive

The vision needs to engage the whole person if it is to be powerfully motivating. The richer it is, the more people will commit to it. Thus, a vision can use pictures and words. It can appeal to the mind and the emotions. It can make financial and spiritual sense. Creating one requires logic and imagination. All the stakeholders in the business, including customers and suppliers would own a shared holistic vision. All would say "It means so much to me to be part of this venture"

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