Thought Process Re-engineering

Thought process re engineering(TPR) is the brain child of Mr.Sajeev Nair after his extensive research on human mind and its behaviour. Explore the beauty of the programme from the horse’s mouth as the excerpt here is from his blog.



I am extremely delighted to introduce the Thought Process Re-engineering program. Please stay with me for the next few minutes to understand the concept behind TPR and how this can benefit you.
I am an entrepreneur turned life coach and author. I have done thousands of motivational programs and hundreds of thousands of people have benefitted from them (by the grace of God). However I have found that the effect of these programs is not permanent. Moreover I came across many people who even after setting exciting goals, having the determination, dedication and discipline, never achieve their goals. As they are being taught ‘winners never quit, quitters never win,’ they continue working hard and after a few years get totally torn out. On the other hand I have seen some people achieve great success, even without attending these motivational sessions. This made me to ask some questions to myself

  • Are these motivational programs creating just a feel good factor only?
  • How come some people achieve huge success in life, even without following any step by step success formula given by any trainer?
  • Does luck play a role in the success of a person? If so what is luck and are there any techniques to create luck?
  • Most of the successful people talk about coincidences in their life and that some of the major break throughs in their life happened through coincidences. If so, is there a way to create meaningful coincidences?

These questions made me to do an in-depth research. In the process I also became curious to know the science behind the process of manifestation, which our ancient rishis used to perform. Also I tried to understand the concept of God using quantum science.

The research lead me to learn about brain, both neuro biology and neuro chemistry. Here I got scientific and logical reasons, why the so called ‘law of attraction’ works. I believe through TPR I could break the barriers between spirituality and materialism.

In TPR, I have put all these in a workshop format. I am also providing some exercises and meditation or rather creative imagination sessions in this course. Every single thing in the program is logically defined using the help of science. At the end of the program you will be absolutely clear:

  • How you can break bad habits. How you can come out of some strong belief system,s which are pulling you down
  • How can you re-engineer your brain’s neurology so that you get positive and productive thoughts
  • How can you create meaningful coincidences in life, which can lead to fulfillment of your dreams
  • How can you attract the universal powers to create the life you want to live
  • Also this program will help you to know the God from a scientific perspective. You will break the boundaries between the material word and spiritual world and understand how to create material achievements using spiritual principles.

    I can guarantee that this is one of its kind of programs. TPR will give you a completely new outlook towards life. You will be convinced that you can define your destiny and you can design your life. Thank you for your time. God bless


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