Outbound trainings

Our OUTBURST out bound training programme has several features. Outbound programmes have been found to be particularly effective in areas that involve interpersonal relationships, trust and bonding, communication of shared vision and goals, motivation, behaviour modification in response to change, and personal effectiveness.

These programmes are usually conducted in wilderness sites far removed from human civilization. In a tranquil and informal environment, up close with nature, people are found to become more introspective and uninhibited, paving the way for a complete and effective learning process. After spending a few days in an outdoor situation, team members tend to bond together in a way that is impossible in an urban office atmosphere with its attendant worries and stress.

Additionally, in unfamiliar environments and unpredictable situations, stretched beyond their normal comfort zones, people tend to lose their inhibitions, shed their masks and become more receptive to learning. In the enviromnment thus created, it becomes possible for a sensitive and experienced facilitator to identify strengths and trouble areas, and suggest new coping behaviour.

Outbound training is particularly relevant to today's society as it demonstrates to people that they in fact do possess the necessary internal resources required of them; that in spite of differences in backgrounds they can live and work together; and that it is intrinsic to human nature to be helpful.

Some of the facilities at our own NatureZone Jungle park are,

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an activity in which you will climb up or across natural rock formations or man-made rock walls with the goal of reaching the summit of a formation or the endpoint of a pre-defined route. This rock climbing offers places for people who like crawling up vertical cliffs with the help of their fingernails. It is an adventurous sport and knowledge of proper climbing techniques and usage of specialized climbing equipment is crucial for the safe completion of routes. The tourists will be accompanied by a trained guide.


Jummaring is a tough and physically demanding activity, nonetheless good fun. Jummaring is the art of ascending a slope by rope, using a toothed, metal clamp. It deals more with the techniques of going up a fixed rope on rock, a steep cliff, an overhang or inside cascading waterfalls. Jummaring is generally used to aid a climber attempting a difficult pitch. Trained guides will be accompanying you to help you out.


Rappelling is rightly done as places in and around Munnar is ideal for such activities. Rapplling involves descending rock faces with the help of a descender, rope harness and mittens.. Extreme sports lovers can enjoy the rock faces and daring youngsters can enjoy their venture by rappling with trained guides accompanying them.

Nature Walks

Our trained Naturists will assist you in exploring the virgin forests surrounding Nature Zone. You can opt for a short Nature Walk or you can carry your camping gears and go for a two to three days trekking


Nature Zone is a paradise for birds in Munnar. The shola-grassland eco- system so typical of Munnar is home to large numbers of birds, many of them endemic. Commonly seen endemics are the nilgiri wood pigeon, nilgiri pipit, grey headed bulbul, black & orange flycatcher, broad tailed grass bird, crimson backed sunbird, grey breasted laughing thrush, nilgiri flycatcher, indian rufous babbler, white bellied blue flycatcher, white bellied short wing, white bellied treepie & the wyanad laughing thrush etc.


Two to three hours of hard trekking could be done in Nature Zone estate itself. However if you are a bit more adventurous, you can trek through the forest, which starts from our boundary. However if you like to do a long trekking our naturist will be able to guide you through the track.

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