Marketing and sales strategies

Marketing and sales is one of the most important functions of any organisation. Most people take this as granted and register only a nominal growth even if there are ample opportunities for phenomenal growth. Bramma’s sales and marketing strategies can streamline an organisation’s sales processes and make it systemised through a defined approach.With clear vision, successful transformation planning typically encompasses four key areas:

  1. Sales Messaging aligns essential marketing messages to key sales conversations;
  2. Sales processes underpin critical customer interactions and define the skills and abilities required to execute;
  3. Sales Management best practices drive and coach adoption of new selling practices;
  4. Role-based Competencies - derived from behavioral blueprints that target behavioral change - support the overall sales strategy.



Tangible, Sustainable, Sales Productivity Improvement requires a streamed approach across different corporate interest groups.Your approach may vary depending on where you sit in the organization. It may also depend on what existing programs you have. Our goal is to integrate, wherever possible, with existing programs to minimize disruption and maximize ROI.

Case Studies

  • A leading spices company in Kerala streamlining its distribution and setting up a sales team thus increasing their turn over by 1 crore in an year.
  • An ayurvedic manufacturing firm diversifying into related areas and establishing 3 new divisions by adding more sales force and designing better marketing strategies thus increasing profit margins upto 8%

After investing in sales team and marketing materials, your organization cannot afford to lose benefits to improper sales performance management. Contact us to improve your efficiency.

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