Business Re-engineering

If you have the right vision, we help in streamlining your process to ultimately make your organisation have a complete professional outlook. We work with each and every staff of your organisation for an in depth analysis to find out their grey areas and to understand a scope of development for which they need support for continuous improvement. Then we set out in restructuring the entire organisation, where we define responsibilities for each and every employee. Successful setting up of a system, where the responsibilities are clearly stated and monitored properly makes your organisation properly re-engineered. Bramma’s ‘Insights’ division which focuses on small and medium level business and a ‘Make Over’ division which caters to larger businesses in an overall way, make sure “Success” an everyday priority in your entire organization life cycle.

What Do We Deliver ?

For Insights

  • Process study and analysis
  • Change Impact Analysis
  • Organizational Structure Redesign
  • Responsibility definitions
  • MIS development and implementation

What is Process study and Analysis – This includes a one-on-one work with various functional areas and individuals at your organization to outline strategy, map processes, gather requirements and KPI’s. We would also validate such findings and identify process improvement opportunities. The strategic and tactical assessments conducted, provide a complete framework for the initial business case and a benefits realization plan.

  • Business Process Improvement, Optimization and/or Reengineering – Using the B8 Model, we “deep dive” into your organization’s processes and identify opportunities for improvement. This involves activities including,
    • On-site Kaizen workshops
    • Root Cause Analysis & Solution development
    • Process improvement pilot sessions.

    Bramma will help your organization to implement the process changes and document any new policies and procedures. We perform process improvement, optimization or reengineering based on specific need of each of our clients.

  • Continuous Improvement – To ensure that the recommended process improvements are practical, sustainable and to ensure that they continue to deliver value to the organization, Bramma provides leadership and change management support, executive and end-user training, tools and resources, including a Center of Excellence, and ongoing implementation, post-implementation and benefits realization services. Our staged approach empowers your organization to understand, improve and take charge of your processes in both the short- and long-term. It also provides the training and support necessary to create true and lasting change throughout your organization. For smaller companies, the insights version will be applicable. For larger corporate, we start with a vision workshop to clarify the vision and then move on to the process exercises thus making your organisation streamlined.

Case Studies

  • A famous jewellery chain in Kerala is streamlining their operations and thus maximising profits generated and taking the directors to the next level.
  • A hyper market chain in the middle east is redefining their KPAs and KPIs making the staff more responsible and giving clarity to organisational goals.

After investing much on infrastructure, your organization cannot afford to lose benefits to inefficient processes. Contact us to learn how our one-stop approach to re-engineering can maximize your ROI.

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